European Vacation

Numero, please-o.
Pan Am.
Va bene. Non si preoccupi.
Faccio io. Lasci stare.

È stata una disgrazia.
Ora rimedio io, piano piano.

Che fa?
Then I rolled on the floor
and started going...

I was completely naked.
Not completely, I had on a towel.

He promised me he'd erase that.
He promised me he'd erase it.

I'm a ruined woman.
I thought this was going to be...
:35:23 some kind of second honeymoon.
We should have left the children
with Helga and Fritz.

I'm sorry, but I should go to my room now.
I'm going to throw up.
Let me help you.
No, no. I'll be fine, really.
I think you'll feel better if you lie down.
I have a philosophy
about dealing with my parents.

If I'm in school or hanging out
or something...