I couldn't feel myself speed up
or slow down.

Do you know what this means?
Do you realize what it means?!
That's German for "no inertia".

- No...
- Inertia.

If we had something to sit in,
all three of us could
fly around in this thing.

We could look in top
of the girls' gym.

I have got a great idea.
Oh, no. Ben, no.
Are you serious?
A little higher.
That's it. I can almost see in.
Oh, my God.
There she is.
She won't be undressing this early.
She's talking on the phone,
and she's eating some...

It looks like...
It looks like Boston cream pie.

She's got some stuffed animals
on her bed,

and it looks like some
Thompson Twins records.

He's got it bad.
I can almost read her lips.
Get me closer!

Quick! She'll see me!
Get me down!

Here she comes.
Who is that?
Is that you, Ben?
Yeah. Yeah.
I guess so.
Well, what are you doing
down there?

I saw a cat in your tree,
so I thought I'd get it down.

She wants me. I know she does.
Once we get this built,
how fast will it go?