Flesh & Blood

Prepare to receive
the body of our Lord. Kneel!

Receive the body of our Lord, Summer.
Receive the body of our Lord, Kars.
Penny a shot. Who wants a drink?
Me boys!
Forget the flesh of Christ. Les drink!
For Chriss sake, Celine,
get your heathen piss out of here. Kneel!

Come on, you bloody bastards!
This stuff will curl the hair of Christ!
Eat it, you damn sinners. Without it,
you won't go to the soldiers' paradise...

- where wine and whores abound!
- Mass is over, Cardinal.

- There you are, my love.
- Leave some for me, Summer.

Prepare to attack, my boys!
If these two perverts die
without Holy Communion...

they'll burn in Hell forevermore, Captain.
Whas more important to you?
Your immortal souls or your empty purses?

Is high time to launch the attack,
because that was my city.

They threw me out!
Give it back to me, and you can ransack
the houses of the rich for 24 hours.

- Arnolfini!
- I'm giving you a free hand!