Flesh & Blood

Not with your own filthy hands, Martin.
Cardinal, you'll miss the loot. Come on.
Martin, come to me.
Come back.
I'll think about it.
Beat the drum for the attack, Little John!
Yes, Captain! I'm coming!
Wait. Eat this first.
Thas enough, Mama.
- Come back. You didn't pay me.
- I'll pay you from the spoils.

- Keep this little spot warm for me, Polly.
- Is never been cold.

Les go to work.
Father, wait!
Father, look at this!
- I've made a war machine.
- War machine?

Is nothing but a damn beer barrel, Steven.
Filled with gunpowder.
Is a mobile bomb, Father.

All you have to do is roll it up to the gates...
and boom, you walk right into the city.
How do you intend
to explode this toy of yours?

Here, with a fuse. It unwinds by itself.
- Is not a bad idea in theory.
- Thank you, Captain.

Well, les try it.
- A volunteer?
- You go.

One gold piece.
Oh, God! Shit.