Flesh & Blood

- Leave her alone!
- This dress, where did she get it?

This was no dress, just rags.
She found them on an old campsite.

They ripped it off her, Captain.
The foul scum.
Where did you find it, my dear?
- There were wagons, were there not?
- In which direction did they go?

- Come on girl, speak.
- Yes. Why don't you say something?

Open your mouth, child.
Some soldiers...
big fellows like you,
raped her when she was a child...

and then cut out her tongue for fun.
Come, my friend. We'll learn nothing here.
Summer, any new sign?
No. I think our sainĀs asleep.
Never fear. There'll be a sign, all right.
The saint takes his time.
Are you hungry?
Want some more?
- Try this one.
- No!

Scream, and I'll cut your tongue out.