Jagged Edge

What about this friend of his wife's?
This Virginia Howell?
It's hearsay coming from onewitness.
Kathy, would you get Mr. Forrester
on the phone for me, please?

Thank you.
Krasny's too smart.
He's holding something back,
that son of a bitch. He's got to have more.

Teddy, I gotta tell you.
I've been watching this guy
for months now.

Do you wanna know what I think?
- What I really think?
- What do you think?

He killed her.
He's got a witness
who saw a hunting knife...

...in your locker at the country club.
I figured something like that.
It's complete bullshit.

May I use your phone?
He described it.
Said itwas 6 inches long and...

I never had any kind of knife in my locker.
Why would he be lying?
All I can tell you is, it never happened.
Did you always want to be a lawyer?
I always wanted to be a prosecutor.
My dad was a cop.

What'd I get myselfinto?
You want some more of this?

You're a very pretty lady.
Now she thinks, maybe he did do it.
It sounds like he's coming on to me.

You like to play games, don't you?
Racquetball. I play every day.
I used to play, years ago.
We should play. You still look in shape.
I don't play games with my clients.
Yeah, you do.
Tell me about Virginia Howell.
She's a real bitch.
She says your wife told her
shewas going to divorce you.

- We can blow her out of thewater.
- How?