Jagged Edge

The murders were in cold blood
with malice aforethought.

And he did it out oflust and grced.
His grced for money and his lust for power.
Finally, the Peoplewill prove that
John C. Forrester was, in fact, living a lie.

That behind the facade of all the dinners...
...and all the charity events
he and his wife attended...

...thelr marriagewas crumbling.
The Peoplewill prove
that had Page Forrester divorced him...

...itwould've meant the end
of his prestigious career.

The end, in fact, of his livelihood.
Wewill prove
that at the time of her death...

...her brutal murder...
...Page Forrester
was contemplating divorce.

Thank you for your attention.
Do you wish to make your statement now?
Yes, your Honour.
John Forrester did not murder his wife.
He did not murder his wife's maid.
He is an innocent man, unjustly accused.
You may call your firstwitness.
My sister directly owned 20 percent
of the elght million shares outstanding.

The shares were in her name.
She had absolute control.

Jack had less than 1 percent
of the shares in his name.

Mr. Lofton, could you tell us
the provisions of your sister's will?

Jack Forrester is the direct beneficlary
of all my sister's assets.

All ofit? Corporate and personal assets?
Mr. Lofton.
Did your sister ever express
any dissatisfaction...