La Historia oficial

Our subject is Argentine History.
We will be examining...
the social and political
institutions since 1810.

We'll have three hours per week...
which isn't much.
And here are 3 warnings:
I don't like to waste time.
I believe in discipline.
I don't give away high grades.
Some of you remember that.
By understanding history we
learn to understand the world.

No peoples can survive
without memory.

History is the memory
of the peoples.

That's how we shall
study our subject.

I don't see him.
Here Ma'am.
Gentlemen, please!
Use the towel.
I can put my head
underwater, look.

No, Don't do that!
You'll get water in your ears.
I'll make myself a foam suit.
Do you bathe naked too, mommy?

Rinse off Gaby, or we'll
never get finished.

Sing, so I know you haven't drowned.