La Historia oficial

Ma'am, Mrs. Luisa called
to remind you about...

your high school reunion.
Cross out Rodrigo. Did you?
No, because he might make
friends again with Dolores.

No, he's already got a new girlfriend.
Dolores is lucky to have such
a devoted friend as you.

What does "divided" mean?
It is too bad that some
news media abuse their rights.

By preaching destabilization,
they encourage subversive ideas.

You're still there?
Don't you have to dress?
The army is preparing to
confront the infiltrators.

A kiss?
You did buy it?
It's beautiful! Gaby will love it.
It seems real! Touch it!
Daddy, daddy.
What are you doing here?
Off to bed.
It was quite a scare!
My wife's afraid I'll get
a heart attack.

With these things you can't
neglect the smallest detail.

If you neglect your details,
it's your problem, Macci.

I did as I was told.
By whom?
Come on, Doctor! By you!
IbaƱez and Dante
set it all up with my men.

We advise you, Macci.
We're just advisors.

- We didn't expect you.
- Forgive me.