Otac na sluzbenom putu

You don't love me.
Who loves anybody
in this madhouse?

I'll go to a rest home
and bathe when it suits me.

You only take
one bath a year.

There, they'd make you
take two a week.

While others fuck about,
I have to bathe.

Mama has ordered
a big clean-up.

My brother Mirza and I
are to be circumcised.

I asked Mirza
what "circumcised" means.

He says we're done for.
They grab your prick
and cut half of it off.

Joza 's dad,
Vlado Petrovic,

was taken away
by the men in leather coats.

He shouted so that everybody
could hear'.

"I'd rather have Russian shit
than American cake! "

Later they took away
their radio and telephone.

I asked Joza
why they did it.

He said it was
something to do with Stalin.

We took all of Stalin 's pictures
out of the house.

We recognized him
by his moustache.

Since then, Joza 's mom
first waits for the postman every day,

then tells Joza
she's going to the market

and goes off to the council
to ask about his dad.

- How's my little Communist?
- He's great, comrade.