Out of Africa

If it comes to war,
where will Denmark stand?

On its own, I hope.
We do have that history.

Is there something we can call you
that gets around this "baroness"?

What do they call you?
"D," if I'm lucky.
My stupid name's Felicity,
but I do like your dress.

Oh, thank you.
That's not much
of a hat, though.

It's meant to be stunning.
We die of sunstroke here.
At least
I'm safe from the mosquitos.

The big ones.
- Good Lord.
- You nervous?

Should I be?
You know.
Wedding night
and all that.

So they're both naked
and not a shrub in sight.

Karen, have you met
Vicky Gresham?

Hello, Baroness.
I'd curtsy, but I'm drunk.

- May I see you, please?
- Excuse me.

If you want any friends,
I'd make them here.

- There's no one else.
- I want to see my house.

You may want to change.
It's a two-hour ride.
Excuse me.