How is it?
Like cat food.
By the way, I'm Sophie. I'm French.
- Jenniffer.

Did you see the director already?
If you talk of the devil...
You are the new girl.
You were expected this afternoon.

The flight was delayed.
The school has its rules.
I'm sorry, but I must confiscate this.

Hey wait. You don't know who that is.
That's Paul Corvino.

Sophie that is enough. Get into bed!
And if I catch you smoking again, you'll be sorry.

And you young lady... to bed.
And switch off the light.
That bitch stealing Paul Corvino.
It is all right.
I have a bunch of them in the bag.

So tomorrow we put them
all up all over the room.

I've seen all his movies
I saw his last one three times.

Luck for you. He must have made
me zip through it at least 15 times.

He said he trust in my opinon.
You mean you know him?
Yes, of course I do.
Have you been to bed with him?
Paul Corvino is my father.
- Oh, sorry.

It's all right.
I do know everything about you!
- Do you?

Your mother lived in India and owned a hotel.
She was married again.

Not like your father.
You were only 7 when they split up.
No, 8.
You were 7!
How do you know that?
I read Fangoria. - Oh!
It was christmas. I was checking the
presents when the phone rings.

Ma answered.