She said she will come soon.
It was her lover.
Then she went...
...and did never came back.
I always remember it.
Dad got 12 presents.

He said he got the 13. From mother to hurt him.
You didn't read that in Fangoria?
You know I am really glad you are here.
I always had to sleep alone.
It can be very scary.
Thank's for coming.
I am the one who should thank you.
Don't let me forget that.
I owe you a meal.

You know... there is a murder around here!
A maniac who kidnaps girls all ages and kills them.
Could we change the subject?
I need my sleep.
I'm really tired from the trip.

You're right.
Sometimes I can't sleep all night thinking about it.

What do you think about before you fall asleep?
My father.
If I thought about your father
I'd never get any sleep.

Can I still watch some TV?
I have headphones as well

No problem, good night, Sophie.
Sleep well, Jenniffer.