Hello, Shapero Evans?
Hi, I'd like to speak to Moris please?
Jennifer Corvino.
Right, Paul Corvino's daughter.

He is out of town?
Three days?
Which holidays?
Look who is there.
Our zombie.
Have you heard, she walks in her sleep.
Walks in the sleep. If you ask me, she has got a problem.
For me, she is ill.
So thats Paul Corvino's daughter.
That doesn't give her the right
to be such a show-off.

Here she comes.
Lets go.
Yes, I don't want to be close to her.
What's wrong?
- Damn Moris.

Who is he? Your boyfriend?
He's my fathers agent and atourney.
I want him to get me out of this shitty school.
Why do you want to leave?
Your little brother isn't the
only male to disgrace this place.

First you forgot the doctor.
He's not a man.
He's got more hands than the entire basketball team.

Second you forgot the killer.
- The killer?

What is the poet trying to say with these words?
Well, who is going to answer?
You, Elisabeth.
- Yes you.

I think the poet took the words
right out of a Bee Gees song.

That's very funny.
The poet in question is Abraham Kouli.
What if the killer saw me?
I am really scared.
- I would be too.

Can you imagine if I walk in my sleep
again tonight I walk right into him.