Some species communicate with each other
over far distances like telepathy.

I could give you many samples.
I wrote a book about it.
You should read it.
It's perfectly normal for insects
to be slightly telepathic.

It's normal for insects.
But am I normal?
Why me?
Fräulein Corvino can not be left alone.
I want someone in here with her.
I want to know everything she says and does.
I'm scared of her.
She arrived and Sophie disappeared.

Plus she's crazy.
Listen to this:

Dear dad...
Ah, here it is.

Do you remember what the doctor said about...
...sleepwalking manifested
with split personality?

It's true.
My second personality is there.

Do you know how?
I communicate with insects.

I mean I have discovered,
I have power over them.

I'm not kidding.
I even have a witness.

The famous enthemologist
John Mc Gregor who lives near here.

We've become friends.
See, she is crazy.
This-is mine!