It's sensory reception is extraordinary, quite unique.
But why do the gloves have so many lavae?
Perhaps because when
the murderer hides his victims...

...he likes to keep in physical contact with them.
Conserving them.
He is a psycho.
If we need to get him, we have to call on the
services of 2 of the greatest detectives ever known.

Perhaps I should say unknown. - Up to now.
But this will change.
Who were they?
You and him: the great sarcophocus.
Spread your hand.
See, he's not afraid of you.
He won't do that for me.

Ask him to lead you where
the dead bodies are hidden.

He'll lead you.
That fly is your magic wand.
You mean that is working?
Of course!
It will take time.
It could be anywhere.

Not anywhere. On a 52 kilometer route.
The first girl to dissapear was a danish tourist.
She took a bus of the red line.
It starts on the city square on a 52 kilometer route.
Stops at various tourist traps on the way.
She was seen getting on that bus.
When you get near to the killers house,
you'll know about it soon enough.

Because the sarcopocus will go crazy.
And head straight for the dead body.