I am sorry, I kicked the train by mistake.
I've hit him.
Maybe he's hurt?

Don't grab him like that.
- Why not?

What on earth are you thinking?
It's only a doll.
You are a very sensitive young lady.

Are you frightened?
- No.

Yes, you are.
I can see it in your eyes.

You are burning up.
You have a fever?

No, I don't.
- Yes, you do.

In this part of the country, with this wind,
it's hardly surprising.

I'll get you a pill.
You don't want to leave
with a cold tomorrow, do you?

Imagine what Mr. Shapiro would say.
You should take them both,
but if you prefere, one is enough.

I don't want any pills.
Where is the bathroom?
- The bathroom is over there.

And you will take the pills!
I never take any pills.
Do what you are told.
You are my responsibility.

I'm not ill.
What kind of tabletts are this?
Against fever, now take it.
You are hurting me.
- Take the pills!

All right I'll take the pills.