Hector, girls don't just
blow away in the wind!

Did you search the whole house?
She can't be far away.
The car's still in the garage.

Where the hell is she?
Where can Rosalie be?
You know she's always late.
Two disappearances in one day!
- Quentin, I'm afraid.
- You're always afraid.

- I wasn't afraid before.
- Before what?

Before you.
What'll I do? I have no money,
no job, no anything.

Why did I do that?
Now you're all mine.
I hear music.

Come on.
Turn up the radio!
Turkey, Yugoslavia, Morocco, Spain.
What do you say?

No one to look for us,
no one to find us.

We'd disappear for good.
Want to run away with me?

No, I don't.
Why won't you run away with me?
I'm through running.
I want to go home.

All right. Let's go.
I have the feeling you've been
following me since we met.

I have been.
I even know where you live.

How will I pay my rent?
Come work at the sex club like me.
It's really easy, and the pay's good.
I can't. I just can't.
Of course, you wouldn't have your cute
little maid's costume to hide behind.

What you do in life,
you might as well do on stage.

What's the difference
if I fuck you in public?

Shut up.
You'd finally be taking some risks.
You'd put your own body on the line.
That way you'd understand
what it's all about.