I'll do the play if she's Juliet.
Otherwise I'm not interested.

We've wasted enough time on this.
You're not being fair.
She's over 14 too!

She is over 14, and I am unfair.
Sometimes you have to be.
Besides, do you know
any 14-year-old actresses?

You're a real hypocrite!
It took you a whole week
to make up your mind.

Not at all.
I was convinced right away.

But I had to persuade the others,
and that was no small feat.

- You weren't sure at all.
- I was very sure.

This is the first time I've had sea urchins.
- How do you eat them?
- With a spoon or your fingers.

- And some lemon juice?
- No, no lemon juice.

What do you think of Juliet?
Oh, she's perfect.
And so is Romeo.
But I don't believe in perfection.
Doesn't interest me.

I have no idea what to do
with that damn play.

It's not the best thing
Shakespeare ever wrote.

Come with me.
I've got something to show you.

I'm keeping nothing
from my old production except this dress.

It's Juliet's.
- Why did you pick me?
- I didn't.

It was fate that brought us together.
I came looking for Quentin,
and I found you instead.

Why not use the other Juliet?
The other Juliet-
She was killed in a car accident.
Four years ago.
Quentin was driving, wasn't he?