Rocky IV

you won by one second.
You beat me by one second.

That's very hard for a man
of my intelligence to handle.

Didn't you say you learned
how to live with it?

- I lied.
- Oh, you lied?

Oh! So now you just gotta
prove it to yourself, right?

Just for myself. No TV,
no newspapers - just you and me.

Nothin' - just you and me.
Age before beauty.

- Anything you say.
- I do all the work. OK.

I tell you, Apollo, you'd better go slow.
You ain't as young as springtime no more.

- I'm still young enough to whip your butt.
- Oh, yeah? How you gonna do that?

- You taught me everything you know.
- Almost everything.

You gotta remember: you fight great,
but I'm a great fighter. You ready?

- Absolutely.
- You know, Stallion,

it's too bad we gotta get old, huh?
Oh, just keep punchin', Apollo.
- Wanna ring the bell?
- All right.

Ding, ding.
Come on, Stallion.
Come on, come on.
Boy, you really move
good for an older guy.

- Look at him fly.
- Look out now.

No, you don't want any of this.
- Come on.
- Maybe I'm in here with the wrong guy.

Dad, you're late. Mom's gonna yell at you.
- So how you doin'?
- Fine.

You know, don't you think
that's a little bright?

- A little bit?
- Where'd you get that hat?

- A friend gave it to me. Like it?
- Who punched you in the eye?

- Same friend.
- That's weird. Better hurry, Dad.

You know, you're developin'
a very, very loud personality.

Don't go too fast,
or you're gonna get out of focus.

Oh, really?