Rocky IV

Well, this fight you're havin' against
the Russian. Do you think maybe...

it ain't against him?
If it's not him, Stallion,
then who's it against?

Well, do you think maybe it's, like...
you against you? What do you think?

You know, I think you really
are gettin' brain-damaged.

Maybe, but... really.
I'm speakin' the truth here, Apollo.

- Are you?
- Yeah.

- I don't think I wanna hear this, Stallion.
- Hey, Apollo, you were a great fighter,

but, look, we gotta face the facts too.
You don't wanna believe it,
but maybe the show is over.

That's easy for you to say.
You're still on top.

What happens when
you're not on top? Then what?

Where do we go, Stallion?
Cos we sure as hell can't be born again.

I know we can't be born again, but, let's
face it, we... we gotta change sometime.

I don't wanna change! I like who I am!
I like who you are, too, but look at that.
That ain't us up there no more, Apollo.
We can't do that the way we did it before.
We're changin'. We're, like,
turnin' into regular people.

No, Stallion!
Maybe you think you're changin'.

But you can't change what you really are.
You can forget all this money and stuff.

Cos it don't change a thing.
You and me, we don't even have a choice.
We're born with a killer instinct that you
can't just turn off and on like some radio.

We have to be right in the middle of
the action, cos we're the warriors.

Without some challenge,
some damn war to fight,

then the warrior may
as well be dead, Stallion.

So I'm askin' you,
as a friend,
stand by my side this one last time.
You're a great talker, Apollo.
All right, but... when this is over...?