Runaway Train

Oh, man.
Oh, Manny.
- Oh, man.
- I told you. Didn't I tell you?

I told you something
was fucked up.

- Maybe we're on some express run.
- Wake up, wacko!

We just blew the caboose to hell
without even slowing down!

Something screwy
is going on here. Look!

Look! All the handrails are gone!
Maybe the engineer has croaked.

Hey, man.
Engineers do not just croak!

Why don't the whistle
ever blow, huh?

What are you,
out of your mind?

I just wanted to see if it worked.
You said the engineer was croaked.

Let go.
You think this is some cops
and robbers game.

Hey, man.
You picked the train!

- You're right.
- Yeah.

State police
calling Chopper One.

Come in, please.
We have information
regarding escaped prisoners.

Ranken, that's your radio.
Railroad security called. They found
some prison clothes in a switch yard.

Looks like prisoner Logan's.
- How'd they get so far?
- What did I tell you?

Tell 'em I'll be there
in ten minutes.

Have some officers ready.
Roger, state police.
We're on our way.