Spies Like Us

sorry. I--
it's not your fault
you're stupid.

just open the case
and get out of here.

the case is chained
to my wrist.

security dispatch
has the key.

leave the material,
take the case,

and wait outside.
no can do.
the material's
locked inside.

all right.
just give it to me.

get in the closet.
Hi-weather IV
transmitted this stuff
an hour ago.

beautiful close-ups!
miegs and sline
will drool.

they're late again.
unusual for soldiers.

they know
what they're doing.

here they are.
are those the shots
from the latest fly-by?

over here, general.
is someone
in this closet?

ignore him.
he's just one
of our couriers.

well... ok.
nice close-ups.
definitely approaching
full-go hour.

I greased the house committee
for covert appropriations.

they think the funds are
for more stealth bombers.

we've selected
2 GLG-20s--

they're the best men
we have.

the last 2
were the best men we had.

now they're our
2 best dead men.

I'm convinced
there's a security leak

in your training program.
well, we could
bypass training.