Teen Wolf

And it's not just basketball.
It's school, this town, everything.

I like Beacontown.
I'd like my life to change. I don't
wanna end up working for my dad.

- You're father is a terrific guy.
- Boof, look at me.

Now try and be objective.
Am I all right?
Is there anything wrong with me?

- You should shower after basketball.
- I do.

Then there's nothing wrong with you.
Then why won't Pamela Wells
say two words to me?

- You can do a lot better than her.
- Like who?

- Don't you have to be at work?
- Did I say something wrong?

No, no. See you at the party.
- Hey, Angela.
- What was the score?

Very funny.
What was the score?
Don't tell me, I'll lose my count.

Down to our last waffle iron.
How am I expected to compete
with wrenches made in India?

I'm not Sears and Roebuck.
You look a little tired today.
The coach isn't giving you steroids, is he?

Not likely. Maybe he should.
We lost 1-12.

Beacontown hasn't won a game in...
It must be three years.

(Scott hears high-pitched sound)

Don't take it personally.
It's all part of growing up.

Yeah, I guess so.
- Any deliveries?
- Down at the high school.

Some strange sounding guy called.
Sounded like he was in a hurry.

I'm not sure what I wrote down.
That's what the clipboard is for.

Well, it is.
(rapid heartbeat)
(high-pitched sound)