Teen Wolf

It's broken.
A dog whistle?
Hi, Mr Thorne. How are you, sir?
What an arm.
Thanks, Mr Thorne. I appreciate it.

I knew he was out there.
I didn't actually hear him,
but I knew he was there.

I could only see a thin white crack
of light which set my bedroom apart...

(man) More sensual. We need to
feel you, want to smell you. Hurt me.

...from the dense and heavy darkness.
But surely I could feel him.
It was Nick.

(crashing noise)
What was that?
Sorry, sir. That was me.
What do you want from me?
What do people want from me?

- I am merely trying to rehearse.
- I'm sorry.

I've got the stuff that you ordered.
- Are you from the hardware store?
- Yeah.

Pamela? Excuse me.
Are you going to the party tonight?

- I'd like to give you a ride.
- The paint. My paint.