Teen Wolf

Here we go. Check it out.
All sizes. No waiting.

- Elegant.
- (Pamela) Scott.

Listen to this.
Kirk wants you to be in the play.

He does? Wait a minute.
What about basketball?

It won't interfere.
It's a small part. Just for you.

Here, Pamela. This is for you.
It's too big for me.

There are some advantages, Scott.
Admit it.

You can murder my family.
You can ravish my body.

But I beg you
with all that is decent and holy,

don't destroy my plantation.
Sergeant, burn the fields.
And when you're done with that,
burn the house.

Wolf... wolf... wolf person.
Whatever your name is.

- That was really...
- Thanks, babe, I love you.

(knock on door)
Come in.
- Hi.
- Close the door, please.

(rapid heartbeats)
Relax. We're just
one big happy family in the theatre.

What happened to the wolf?
Can you just change back and forth
whenever you feel like it?

Sure. Sometimes I have to get
kind of worked up to be the wolf,

but it's not too hard.
What do you think about
to get worked up?

Different things.