Teen Wolf

Did you know he was gonna be here?
We had such a nice day today.
Don't spoil it.

(Scott) OK, you got it.
Nice. Good. OK.
Good form. Nice approach.

- Oh, poo.
- Boy, that was nice and warm.

OK, address the ball.
Tuck in your tummy.
That's good. OK.

Here we go. Are you ready?
Hey, that's my girl.
Don't touch her again.

- She's my date tonight, pal.
- You don't scare me, freak.

Underneath all that hair
you're still a dork, Scott.

I've handled your kind before.
Your mom used to steal chickens.

Till I blew her head off with a shotgun.
Right, Scott?

(indistinct conversation)
So, does Mick always act like that?
You can hardly blame him.
He is my boyfriend.

- You mean was your boyfriend.
- Is my boyfriend.

- But what about us?
- What about us?

- This afternoon in your dressing room.
- Yeah?

Yeah... Well, you see
the spring dance is coming up...

And I already told you:
I'm going to the dance with Mick.