Teen Wolf

Look, Dad.
I'm trying to get a grip on this. I really am.
- Is Thorne still on your back?
- Yeah, Thorne...

...some Neanderthal named Mick
and the entire basketball team.

You've dug your own hole
with those fellows, but...

...this Thorne business is my fault.
What do you mean your fault?
It goes back a few years.
As you know, I loved your mother
since we were kids.

We were meant for each other.
But for some reason Rusty
Thorne set his cap for her too.

No matter what we tried,
he wouldn't go away.

- One night, things got physical and...
- And you turned into the werewolf.

Out of anger, Scott.
I turned into the werewolf out of anger.

- In front of his beady, little eyes.
- Was he scared?

- He lost control of his bodily functions.
- I wish I could have seen that.

It wasrt a very nice thing to do.
But it worked.

After that he never
bothered your mother or me.

But to this day, I don't know
who was the most frightened that night.

Old Rusty Thorne... or me.
You gotta get a hold of it, son.
- Morning, Daisy.
- Morning.

- Boof. What's up?
- Nothing.

Why does anything have to be up?
I thought I'd walk to school with you.

- Got any plans for the spring dance?
- Hadrt given it much thought.