Teen Wolf

You can't possibly take it seriously.
Not unless you want to have his puppies.

I want Scott for just a half hour.
I really missed him.

Stay away from Pamela. She's mine.
Stick with your own kind, freak.

Like that little tramp.
(people gasp)

Mick, watch out!
What are you all laughing at?
- Get back here.
- You're just some kind of animal.

Come on, freak. Get back here.
Let go of me. Let go.

Get back. I'll rip your head right off.
Come on, freak.

I'm not through with you yet.
Come back, freak.

This isn't done by a long shot.
Get back in here, freak.

Come back here, freak.
We haven't settled this yet!

Hold it.