The Color Purple

Young women no good these days.
Got their legs open for
every Tom, Dick and Harpo.

Don't think I'll let my
boy marry you 'cause...

:38:20 in the family way.
Not cold enough.
He young and limited. Pretty gal like
you could put anything over on him.

Why I need to marry Harpo?
He living here with you.

What food and clothes he get, you buy.
I know your daddy throwed you out.
Ready to live in the street.

No, sir, I ain't living in no streets.
I'm living with my
sister and her husband.

I can live with them the
rest of my life if I want.

Don't tell me how to take
care of me and my baby.

I can take care of it myself.
Nice visiting.
You stay right here, Harpo.
When you free, me and
the baby will be waiting.

At least somebody here know
how to treat a visitor.

Don't you move...
:39:23 step.
Don't make me wait too long.
I won't!
I will!
I do.
I do!
I do.
Do you take this man to be
your lawful wedded husband?

To love, honor and cherish?
Forsaking all others for him alone...

:39:56 will perform unto him
all duties owed a husband...

...until death shall separate you.