To Live and Die in L.A.

He never talks to me
about his business.

He told me to tell you if you like the paper,
he wants your order. Now.

No problem. That's cool.
I'd love to make a jump
in the rain.

You ever do any base-jumping?
It's great.
I used to jump off garages
when I was a kid.

Can I bring you something else?
-No, thanks, Father.
-It's great.

Listen, why don't you make a jump
with me sometime?

-Yeah, you'd love it. It's fabulous.

Once you get over the first fear,
it's a piece of cake.

It's the greatest feeling you'll ever have.
Float out, your balls go into your throat.

I think I'll take a pass, partner.
You know, I could help you...
...if you ever get in trouble.
-You know what I mean?

Not here.
I love the rain.
Yeah. It's groovy.
Come on.
Take off your glasses.
Come here.