To Live and Die in L.A.

I don't have to explain
what would happen...

...if there was even a hint that
I set up one of my own clients.

Aren't you afraid
you'll wind up on his hit list?

-It crossed my mind.
-Your name will never come up.

-You never met Rick, have you?

I'll set up a meeting.
Mr. Masters?
How you doing? Ben Jessup.
-My associate, Dr. George Victor.
-A pleasure. How do you do?

Cut yourself shaving,
Mr. Jessup?

No. As a matter of fact,
I got hit by a tennis ball.

-You're in from Palm Springs, huh?

-What's the weather like there?
-It's really nice.

We've been up here
the last few days.

I've got a friend in Palm Springs,
Lenny Green.

He owns the Oasis.
Do you know him?

I got a friend in Hollywood,
Donald Duck. You know him?

I understand you gentlemen
do some island banking.

-That's right.

Cayman Islands.
-Good business?
-Not bad.

What sort of banking?
We're a Dutch Antilles company.
We loan money to various
enterprises here in the States.

Loans aren't secured by real estate
or anything else down there.

Hey, Rick, you got a phone call, man.
Which one is it?
There's nothing in there.
Some tennis rackets
in the trunk...

:07:38's clothing with Palm Springs
store labels...

...some business letters with return
addresses in the Cayman Islands.

What did the letters say?
Something about ''Please forward the stock
we discussed,'' or something like that.

Who were the letters addressed to?
Caribbean Banking Unlimited,
Dutch Antilles.

Did you notice the names Jessup
or Victor on any of the letters?