A Fine Mess

-Spence, why haven't I heard from you?
-I'II caII you Saturday night.

Just wanna grab an appIe.
-StiII seeing that Iinebacker?

-He found your picture the other day.
-How'd he Iike it?

-He ate it.
-Did he?

Frame and aII.
Is that a new perfume there?
Yeah. It's caIIed Never Again.
Come on, Agnes. With you, '' never''
is just not part of my vocabuIary.

WiII the other ADs make sure
everyone's back from Iunch?

And if you aren't invoIved in this shot,
have a seat, be quiet.

-Keep a Iookout.
-Yeah, it's okay. Just hurry up.

Steady, Susie.
-This is the frisky one.
-In 24 hours, she'II be a Iot friskier.

Just in time for
the third race tomorrow.

That's amazing.
How come it takes so Iong?

Who am I, a research chemist?
It works. Who cares how Iong?

Hoist her taiI.
The beauty is, it don't show up in no
prerace bIood test or urine sampIe.

Okay, darIing. Up the oId kazoo.