A Fine Mess

Two doIIars on number 1 0.
Look out.
Get out of the way. Mad dog.
Quit pushing! Quit pushing me!
HoId it.
Excuse me. Coming through.
Excuse me, ma'am. Gangway!
-They're all in the gate.
-Watch where you're going.

And they're off!
Sadie Grady tries for the lead.

Miles First is racing second.
Excuse me, excuse me,
coming through.

Sadie Grady a short lead.
On the outside....

-Where are they?
-I don't know.

-WeII, Iook for them!
-I can't. That guy Iooked Iike Cujo.

Oh, jeez.

-Up there.

From the back,
here comes Sorry Sue.

Look out, here comes
Sorry Sue from nowhere...

-...gaining in stride.
-Come on!

Moving down the field.
They mak e their way down the stretch.

Sorry Sue in complete control.
Sadie Grady back....

As they come toward the finish,
it's Sorry Sue in complete control...

... winning by some 30 lengths.
-Down! Down!
-Down! Down!

Dennis, see if you can
cash that. Quick!