A Fine Mess

-Damn it. Here.
-What are you doing?

-I'm saving our Iives. Here.
-That's every cent.

What do you wanna do?
You wanna meet with Mr. Ishimine...

...whiIe our friends over there watch?
Come here.

See those two guys there
in the doorway?

No, no, don't.
-They wanna shoot us.
-Oh, my God.

Is there another way out of here?
Yeah. But if you stand,
they'II see you.

That's aII right, just Iead the way.
Three-fifty. Thank you, sir.
May I have 400 doIIars, pIease?
WiII somebody give me 400?

Four hundred? Thank you.
Four-fifty. Do I hear 450?

Four-fifty. Four-fifty
from the gentIemen in front.

Thank you.
Do I hear 5?
May I pIease have 500?
Someone for 5?

Five hundred? Five hundred
from the Iady in the front.

Thank you, madam.
This rare art deco statue
is certainIy worth more than $500.

-They gotta be here somepIace.
-Let's ask somebody.

-May I have 600?

You! You!
I teII you, one of these days,
I reaIIy am gonna tear out your tongue.

Where is the car?
AII right, Iet me understand
something, okay?

You're teIIing me
somebody stoIe your car.

WeII, yeah. And you know, Binky
thinks it was those two guys.

WeII, I'II teII you something,
you better go find them two guys.

Because if they finger you,
then the cops might tie you to me.

And then if you don't go
get rid of them...

...then I got no choice,
I gotta go get rid of you.

-What is that?
-I toId you not to buy that!

But, boss, you Iike antiques.
This is a reaI art deco.

Never heard of the bum!