A Fine Mess

She ran the last quarter at Santa Anita
backwards and still won by a tail.

-Who do you think drugged her?
-That's not my department.

I tried to talk to
Captain Sean Swelter...

... who is in charge
of the Sorry Sue investigation...

...but I was told that Captain Swelter
was not available to mak e a statement.

A press conference is scheduled
for 1 0 a.m. tomorrow.

Now back to you, Karen.
Thank you.
We'll be sure to k eep you up to date...

... on the latest developments
in this case.

HeIIo, my name is Spence HoIden,
and I'd Iike to report my car stoIen.

Just a few minutes ago.
And I've been in aII day.

Spencer HoIden?
Boy, yeah.
Can you hoId one second?

-Do you own a yeIIow VW?
-Yes. Yes, I do.

As a matter of fact,
I was just reporting it stoIen here.

-Oh, may I?

PoIice Iieutenant Hunker,
CentraI Division.

Did Mr. HoIden just report
his car stoIen?

Thank you, officer. Can we taIk?
-Hi. Hi!

-How you doing? What a coincidence.
-No. No, it's no coincidence.

Your IandIady toId me
where I couId find you.

Right after you Ieft the auction house,
a woman asked for your address.

-WeII, she wants to buy your piano.
-Oh, yeah?

Yeah. I gave her your address
before I even thought about it.

-WeII, that's okay.
-WeII, I thought you'd wanna know.

That's great.
She was wearing a huge diamond.
You couId probabIy make a good deaI.

WeII, if we do, anything more than we
paid for it, you can have 1 0 per cent.

Oh, no, I couIdn't.
I just thought you'd wanna know.