Absolute Beginners

I remember that hot, wonderful summer...
when the teenage miracle
reached full bloom...

and everyone in England stopped
what they were doing...

to stare at what had happened.
The Soho nights were cool in the heat...
with light and music in the streets.
And we couldn't believe
that this was really coming to us at last.

Nobody knew exactly why.
But after so many dreary years
of bombs and blitz and slow rebuilding...

no sugar, no jam, nothing sweet anywhere...
with the whole English world
dressed in gray, it seemed, forever.

Suddenly life broke out
in warm colors again...

so young and beautiful that a lot of people
couldn't stand to look at it.

For the first time ever, kids were teenagers.
We had loot, however come by.
And loot's for spending.
And where there's loot, trouble follows.
During my last teenage year,
I kept myself by taking photographs.

Naughty pictures for profit.
And solid street pictures for love.
So that when the blossom went off,
and the flower turned to plastic...

me and my friends
could remember how it looked.

Money for looks. Money for film.
But most of all, money for Suzette.