At Close Range

Tony Pine. He's epileptic.
What you drinking?

I'm fine. Thanks.
You're overage.

She's 42.
I'll have a Rolling Rock. Hmm.
I'll have
a whiskey sour.

Whiskey sour?
They're good.

We're real glad to get to meet
you, Terry. What do you think...

Now that you get to see us
all in the flesh?

I don't know.
Heard a lot about you.

- Nice things?
- You ain't done nothin' nice, Brad.

I hope not.
What'd you hear?
Different things.
Dad, we wanna talk to you
for a moment.

I came here 'cause I wanted
to ask you about this.

See, Terry and I,
we wanna live together.

We wanna get a place like that.
It's gonna cost some real money.

So, I wanna join up
with you guys.

Just temporarily.
Fine. Fine.
You don't have to
let him in.

But you know,
he's better than you.