Back to School

Another classy one, huh?
This one I can't figure out.
There's you, there's Giorgio...

what's with the midget
over here?

Hey, wait! I got more!
What happened in there?
What happened?
I got rid of Vanessa.
I feel like I just got paroled.

I'll tell you what bothers me...
I let her come
between me and Jason.

Lou, pack our bags.
We're going up to that college
to see my son!

Boy, will Jason be surprised.
Look, there's Greek letters.
That must be the house.

Is that an "amigo"
or a unicorn?

Beats me.
Don't you know any Greek?

The only Greek I know owns
a coffee shop on State Street.

Jimmy Pitsos, remember him?
He had an ugly wife...

four ugly kids,
and good coffee.

Wait here, I'll try this one.