Back to School

The way a Christian
takes the Bible...

and he holds it sacred.
The way a lot of people
hold their marriage sacred.

That's how I feel about it.
So why don't we dive right in...

by interpreting
one of the easiest events...

in the last twenty years
of American history.

Now, can someone tell me...
why, in 1975, we pulled
our troops out of Vietnam?

The failure of Vietnamization
to win popular support...

caused an ongoing erosion
of confidence...

in the various American...
but illegal... Saigon regimes.

Is she right?
'Cause I know
that's the popular version...

of what went on there.
I know a lot of people
like to believe that.

I wish I could,
but I was there.

I wasn't here in a classroom...
hoping I was right,
thinking about it.

I was up to my knees
in rice paddies...

with guns that didn't work,
going up against Charlie...

slugging it out with him,
while pussies like you...

were back here partyin',
puttin' headbands on...

doin' drugs, listening
to the goddamn Beatle albums!

Hey, Professor,
take it easy, will ya?

These kids were in grade school
at the time.

And me...
I'm not a fighter, I'm a lover.
Well, I didn't know you wanted
to get involved...

with the discussion,
Mr. Helper.

But since you want to help,
maybe you can help me, OK?

You remember that thing
we had about thirty years ago...

called the Korean conflict?
Yeah. Where we failed
to achieve victory.

How come we didn't cross
the 38th parallel...

and push those rice-eaters back
to the Great Wall of China...

and take it apart
brick by brick...

and nuke them back into
the fuckin' stone age forever?

How come? Tell me?
Why? Say it! Say it!

All right, I'll say it.
'Cause Truman was too much
of a pussy wimp...

to let MacArthur go in and blow
out those commie bastards!

Good answer. Good answer.