Back to School

"And Gibraltar is a girl...
"where I was a flower
of the mountain.

"Yes, when I put
the rose in my hair...

"like the
Andalusian girls used.

"Or shall I wear red?
"Yes. And how he kissed me
under the Moorish wall...

"and I thought...
"well, as well him as another.
"And then I ask him
with my eyes to ask again.

"Yes. And then he asked me
would I yes to say yes.

"My mountain flower.
"And first I put my arms
around him, yes...

"and drew him down to me...
"so he could feel my breasts
all perfumed, yes...

"and his heart was going
like mad, and yes...

"I said, yes, I will, yes."
Yes! Yes!
Thanks for the vote
of confidence.

I think Joyce
is pretty hot, too.

And now that
I've got your attention...

I'd like to run down
the reading list...

for the semester.
See what else turns you on.

What a woman.
Dad, she is the teacher.
I know. I like teachers.
If you do something wrong,
they make you do it over again.

Don't you think maybe
you should just take some notes?

Yeah, yeah.
I gave away all my pens.
I'm sorry. I need this back.
Here's a calendar for you.
Oh, hiya.
Hello, Mr. Melon.
You waiting for me?

Yes, I was. Look,
I know I'm only a freshman...

but what do you say
you and I have dinner tonight?

We could talk about Joyce.
She's my favorite writer.

You're not the usual freshman,
but I'm sorry, I can't.

The thing is,
I'm sort of going with someone.

Oh. Where you going?
That's a good question.
Actually, I'd like to join you,
but I have class tonight.

- How about tomorrow night?
- I have class then, too.

I'll tell you what, then.
Why don't you call me
when you have no class?