Big Trouble in Little China

I can't believe you're stuck on even.
This is odd!

All right, even! Another even! Come on!
You want one more? All right!
- What do we got? He can't count.
- Even!

Learn how to play some fan-tan here,

Heaven and earth, boys. What can l tell ya?
You like that one?
What did he say, Wang? ln English?

Something about beginner's luck.
It doesn't translate. But he quits.

He quits? What is this? lt's a brand-new day
and he's still got 100 bucks in his pocket.

I'm not gonna complain, because l'll bet
l'd have lost my shirt in the next 20 minutes.

Breaks my heart to do this,
but the next time l'm down here,

you'll gang up on Jack so fast
he won't know what the hell happened.

- No.
- Ah, sure. Easy come, easy go, Wang.

Not next time. Now.
Is this gonna get ugly now? l hope not.
I thought what we were here,
racial differences aside,

was a coupla old friends,
both of us Californians.

Shit, Wang. It's only a game.
Nothin' or double.