Crocodile Dundee

Oh, my God!
Two beers, Ide... one for me,
one for me mate.

"One for your mate", you mad bugger!
Oh, hang on...
I'm sorry if that frightened you, Miss.
You see, it's stuffed.

Him and me both, Wal.
Michael J. Crocodile Dundee.
- Never-Never Safaris.
- Yes.

Never go out with us. If you do,
you'll never come back. Right, Wal?

Sue Charlton, Newsday.
Yeah, I thought you might be.
Here, Wal. Mind Cyril for me while
I dance with this charming young lady.

Legend has it
a crocodile took half your leg off.

A slight exaggeration.
More like a love bite, really.
There you are, enough about me leg.
Let me tell you about the rest of me.

Up north in the Never-Never,
where the land is harsh and bare,

lives a mighty hunter
named Mick Dundee

who can dance like Fred Astaire.
Smooth, Shag, eh?