Crocodile Dundee

- How did you get away?
- Crocs don't like fresh meat.

He wasn't trying to eat me. He wanted
to take me down for a death roll.

See, a croc will grab you and take you
down to the bottom of the water

and roll you over and over
till you stop kicking.

Then he'll take you away
to his meat safe,

a rock ledge or log down
under the water and jam you under it,

tenderise you a bit, good eating.
He wasn't happy with his grip on me,
so he let go to get a better one.

- I talked him out of it.
- Talked?

And you were just out here fishing?
Well, barramundi is a bloody big fish.
It'll be getting dark soon.
I'll take you
to where I camped the first night.

- You married?
- Was once... to the original rebel.

- What happened?
- You name it, we marched.

Anti-nuke, Women's Lib,
Save the Whales...

He's probably marching right now
for the gay Nazis.

- Sounds like a prize ratbag.
- He meant well.

Haven't you ever
protested anything?

Sure, every time
I get thrown out of the pub.

I'm serious. Where would you stand
on, say, the nuclear debate?