Diavolo in corpo, Il

Look at me.
You'll feel completely
different in an hour.

Calm down!
Please, miss, calm down.
Look, I'm a Catholic priest.
Please look at me!

Look at me, miss!
Miss, Christ said our life
isn't our own, it's God's.

You can't cut it short.
Please miss, look at me.
Our life isn't ours, it's God's,
it's he who decides.

Think of other people!
Think of people suffering more than you,
the dying, the sick!
Please look at me!
Please look at me, miss.
Think of...
Look at me miss,
I'm a Catholic priest.

Alright maybe you're not a Catholic,
but you'd definitely be a Christian,
you'd believe in something.
Think, think about your brother,
your father and mother.

Miss, I know that this is
a sad time for you,

a difficult moment.
Maybe you'll think completel
differently in an hour.

Anita I beg you, don't do it.
What have we done to you?