Do ma daan

This place is too crowded?
Come on! Sit down!

You study medicine overseas?
I study gynaecology.
Really, you can't even hold a lantern.
Go to bed earlier,
even your skin will be more beautiful.

Where is my perfume, give me back.
I know, stupid!
Oh no, those actress are coming back.
Before anyone see you, you better leave!
Go, be quick!
Where is the chignon?
Those actress are coming, go...
You look at this watchdog.
She's still laughing.
Damn you!

I hate this!
Dad, you've not sleep yet?
So many problems raise up tonight.
How can I sleep?
I thought about that night.
It was almost the same as tonight.
She saved my life.
If not, I'll won't be alive.
This pistol is a gift from a French.
It's dangerous around here.
Take it with you!
Dad, I'll take care myself.