Dokument Fanny och Alexander

With your hands, Alexander.
It's not really necessary.

But it's safer.
The doors shall be opened, a shout
will be heard from the house.

-I don't want to.
-It's too late.

I know what you wish for.
A boy like you with a hate
that never ends!

Your skinny torso could explode.
Don't be afraid, AIexander.
Just don't hesitate.

Therefor I hold you in my arms.
There's only one way to go.

And I'll follow you. My life expires
and I enter your body...

Don't be afraid. I'm the angel
that protects you.

It's five in the morning.
The sun has just risen.

The doors open...
No, Wait. First there's a scream.

A horrendeous scream
that cut through the room.

An unrecognizable, fire-ridden
silhouette runs through the house.

I don't want to.
Let me go!

Thank you!
Now you feared the camera.
I could see it in your acting.

Apart from that it was very nice.
Take a brake. Go drink some,
and do a touch up on the make-up.

The Concentration Is Total
And We Don't Let Anything Disturb Us.

I know of whom you're thinking.