Down and Out in Beverly Hills

Want something to eat?
What do you got?
you know,
all the stuff that's
left over from Thanksgiving.

Got any white meat?
Caterer really stinks,
you know?

Who made this dressing?
My mother.
Too much onion.
You could
at least say "thank you. "

For what?
For the food.
For ...
for saving your life.

Are my clothes dry?
You ...
you can keep the robe.

You might ask me
to thank you again.

You'r e pretty tough, huh?
Can I ask you a question,

How did you get...
I don't want to use
the word "low,"

but, uh...
what happened to you?

I mean, you're obviously
a very intelligent guy.

I was pretty active
politically in the '60s.

Sold some draught cards.
They nailed me for counterfeit
government documents.

They give me 45 years
and a $75,000 fine.

Suspended it and put me under
the Youth Corr ection Act.

I was a felon.
So, fuck it,
I got into acting.

Show business. Hmph.
There was this girl
in the class.

She split.
She was beautiful.
She was one in a million.
You've seen her.

Linda Evans.
TV Linda Evans?
... "Dynasty"?
... No, it was
before "Dynasty."

Can I get some more
cranberry sauce?

... Oh, yeah.
... No, no, I'll get it.

It was between
"The Big Valley" and "Dynasty,"
you know, in that period.

Anyway, we broke up.
I was in bad shape
for about a year.

But that didn't do it,

I used to drink a lot,
and I did a lot of drugs.

Thank you.