Down by Law

Fuck you.
Fuck you. Fuck you.
Fuck you. Fuck you.

Okay, fuck you.
That's fine.

You piss me off, you know that?
Man, you know what I'm gonna do
when I get out of here?

When I get out of here,
there's gonna be a white limousine.
It's gonna come and pick me up.
It's gonna be a Lincoln.
I'm gonna step inside...
and inside it's bigger than you could
possibly imagine it from the outside.

And there's gonna be beautiful girls
in there, four of'em,

and they're all gonna be naked.
And one of'em's gonna
offer me some coke.

But I'm gonna just say no.
I'm gonna just be enjoying
the luxury of the car and the girls.

And the door's gonna close,
and it's just gonna go "click."
And there's gonna be
music playin'.

It's like music
I never heard before.

And then the car's gonna start up,
and it's gonna drive slowly
towards the city, very slowly.

It's gonna be beautiful, man.
- You're such an asshole.
- What?

- You're an asshole.
- Yeah, why am I an asshole, huh?

Why am I an asshole?
'Cause you imagine
all this insane shit...

like you were...
Bebe Rebozo or something.