Flight of the Navigator

This is totally rad,
I mean, you're my big little brother,

You're not my brother,
Listen,,, I'm sorry for scaring you like that,
jumping out of the tree,
I felt rotten about it,
Anybody could know that,
Hey, you think it's easy for me
to believe that you're David?

I mean, you should be,
like, 20 years old now,

I'm not really sure why I kept this,
I guess I thought
maybe I'd be able to use it,

You know, kind of save the day,
Mom and Dad went nuts
when we couldn't find you,

They made me put those things up
on every telephone pole and tree for years,

Every Saturday,
You should've seen Mom,
She kept all the stuff in your room,

She refused to believe that you were dead,
It's 1986, man,
Eight years since that night,

You little weasel,
- Scuzz-bucket,,,
- Bucket,

Jeff,,, I'm scared,
We'll figure something out,
- Dad, I wanna go home,
- Yeah, I know, I know, David, We want you

to come home too but the doctor wants you
to stay in the hospital a couple of days,

No, Dad! Please don't make me stay,
We have to find out where you've been,
He wants to run a couple of tests
to help you remember,